I attended the Ashford School of Art & Design where I obtained an HND in Fine Art, followed by an Hons. Degree. I then went to the University of Kent in Canterbury where I gained my MA.

It was during this time that I discovered my love of making large, often highly coloured, non-representational oils. Now with experimentation I find I am also enjoying new fields of creating – including fictional landscapes in oils as well as figurative painting using both pastels and watercolour. Making a variety of work liberates a sense of artistic freedom and stretches the imagination so that new compositions are innovative and interestingly fresh.

Non-Representational Oils

This work is built on the theme of visions observed during my semi-conscious hypnogogic state, being neither fully awake nor fully asleep. They form part of an immense dream picture-scape of colour and shape which intrudes through the threshold of the mind. The forms are floating, amorphous and always ambiguous; never emanating from anything or anywhere in reality.

My latest genre comprises 4” x 4” (10 x 10 cms) canvases presented individually or in groups up to 12. Designs and colour are spontaneous and may incorporate fragments of glass or metallic paint.


My landscapes are developed by capturing the moods and values of the lush and quintessentially British countryside. Locations emerge totally from within my imagination.


By the use of the softest pastel on sand-paper textured board it is possible to rub and blend colours together, and so produce romantically velvet compositions which posses depth and flow. The medium allows freedom to explore and express.


Recently I have had fun employing the paint flat and using a cartoon style to depict groups of people.